WOW! Update 3.22.17

Well. A lot has happened in this last 11 months! First off, I’m back to JuicewithHew! Let’s see if I can maintain it this time hah! Wow, where to start! Shortly after where I left off last year things were going great. I did a half marathon on may 18th. It way way too soon and I died around mile 9 and waddled in to the finish haha. I kept running and was back to eating food. I gained some weight back and ran the half marathon at 243pounds. I finished in just over 2hours and 31 minutes.

A month after that, I ran the seattle rock n roll half marathon on june 16th I believe. I was 236 pounds and going thru a lot of stress. more on that in a sec. I had a hotel room in south seattle the night before the run and it did not go well. The wife was supposed to come with me and didn’t. I was a bit depressed. Had a cheap pizza and some guiness for dinner haha. Slept horrible, up at 430am and off to seattle. The half marathon started at 730am at the space needle and finished at centurlylink field, home of the seahawks. was so cool! I had little sleep, had drank 3 beers night before and didn’t eat breakfast haha! Horrible crash during the run at mile 10 and 11. Struggled in with zero energy , and it was raining the whole morning. I finished in 2 hours 36 minutes I think. a bit slower, but a much tougher course!

And then the drama really hit the fan. I’ll sum it up quickly. The wife and I fell apart, our marriage had been on the rocks for awhile, and it took a horrible turn for the worst. We separated on July 3rd, and a divorce was was in the making. I continued running, but really stopped juicing altogether. I was running and walking a ton, and eating pretty crappy. I got down to 215 pounds by august and things were going ok health wise. I was a nervous wreck, my marriage over, and really stressing. I starting falling into bad old habits of eating in depression again. I had lost 50 pounds since April but began eating it back! I really turned into a stress case and stopped caring what I was putting into my body. By October I was back up to 240 pounds and my feet were hurting really bad. I hurt my foot something fierce and couldn’t run for literally 6 weeks. And gained more weight! Fast forward to January and I was a mess. Divorce hanging over my head, the ex to be filing for alimony at a ridiculous amount and stress was mounting at an all time high. I juiced here and there for 3 to 5 days, but never really too engaged on a regular basis. Weight kept adding. By march I was back up to 268! You can’t make this up right??!!

Well last week I found out that the crazy alimony amount she filed for  was denied, and what a relief! If I told you the amount you’d shake your head! What a relief! I feel like a giant weight has been lifted off . 6 months of wondering finally over! I’m back! Let’s go!

I lifted some weights today, got a little jump rope in, and walked 5 miles tonight. Sausage links and 3 eggs for breakfast, Baked chicken breast, tomato, onion, and broccoli wraps for dinner! Lots of water, and 2 pots of coffee today haha. I’m going to start juicing again tomorrow and I have 8 weeks until the Olympia half marathon is up again! 8 weeks should be doable. I know its quick, but with all the running I put in last year, I really think I will get there quicker this time. The 5 miles had some jogging every mile or so, and I know once I get back to the 240’s again things will be rolling along.

I’m going to really try and start a great juice fast again like I did a year ago. 2 weeks was amazing, let’s see if I can do that at least. I have no friends that juice or really want to, so hopefully I can find some people online to share experiences and motivation with. At 260+ pounds and sore feet and ankles, I know it’s going to take will power galore again!

So, that’s it for now. I’m backkkkkkkkk……..




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